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Why is it so wrong for a divorcee to be happy and settling comfortably into a new relationship? It happens all the time. Usually, more often than not, the person who sought the divorce is further along the path to recovery and regains his or her normal life more quickly than the person who was surprised with the divorce.

Thoughts on Old Friends

Sometimes I’m scared to get back in contact with friends I used to be really close to, because I’m afraid that I have changed too much, and they will be disappointed in who I have become, because I think I have changed quite a bit since high school when we were all together all the time.

Even though I don’t write some of those friends, I think about them a lot. Friends are very valuable to me. I see so many people who aren’t blessed with the great people that I have been. There are some girls at work who are just mental cases, and I think that they would be entirely different women if they had one friend like any of mine. I have truly been blessed with some of the truest, zaniest, smartest friends in the world who light up my world just by being themselves. Thank you.