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New furniture!

We bought living room furniture Sunday! We bought a reclining couch and love seat, and a coffee table and end table! I am so excited, because we have this crappy old sofa (it’s really comfortable, but it’s pretty yucky looking) and a futon. In six to eight weeks, we will have brand spankin’ new comfy black leather reclinable seating in our living room!!!

I have most definitely gotten better at waiting for things like this. I remember just NOT being able to wait to move. Last Christmas, Rob bought me a beautiful diamond ring (which I promptly lost/broke whatever you want to call it–I don’t talk about it anymore), and I COULD NOT WAIT to get it; I wanted to see it–just look at it–all the time, but Robbie wouldn’t let me. He made me wait until we opened Christmas presents–and it nearly drove me crazy waiting! As soon as we had decided on moving into this apartment complex, I could barely contain myself waiting. But now I am calm about the furniture. Perhaps because it isn’t as exciting as a diamond ring or getting out of a white trash neighborhood….

Another reason why I don’t have as much energy to spend on being excited about spending almost $X,000 in one day is that I have so much else that demands my attention! I have three papers and a presentation to prepare for, plus class prep for two classes a week and the grading that goes along with those classes, and “time is tickin, it keeps on tickin, yeah, time is tickin away!” (Sorry, old DC Talk reference…). Somewhere in all of that, I am supposed to be a wife and a friend. And a daughter and a sister, and other familial relations. It’s enough to drive a girl crazy. But I must be an organized productive girl. Which is why I must stop wasting time talking to this blog at a quarter until 1 in the AM and get to work!

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