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Some things should not be shrouded in words that are too small to fit them

In the quiet, dark moments, when it’s just me and him, we are one soul. We are together in eternity in just one moment. Warmth, love, friendship, understanding, peace, excitement, and passion flow back and forth between us, through our skin and our soul.

Nothing like it is tangible on this earth.

That feeling… complete, deep, utter comfort, security, safety, and companionship, with silvery petals and sky blue songs meant for only us, envelopment in something bigger than yourself that feels rose petal soft against my skin and warmly moist in my lungs, jumping soaring slowly through the air like you are in a dream or else on the moon and feeling giddy like a child who is bursting with nervous excitement for the first day of school, with her new backpack full of newly sharpened #2s and fresh, aqua-lined spirals, and a sweet Lisa Frank trapper keeper, windows waving slowly in the wind of a warm June late afternoon breeze, moonlit walks around the neighborhood hand in hand, and emotional violin music that brings tears to the corner of eyes that look with blind curiosity upon the world around them….

Have you been there? Isn’t that what the meaning of life is? Two souls that communicate on a level that doesn’t require words–only glances and slight muscle movement to convey an entire conversation. It doesn’t have to be the passionate relationship between a man and his wife, but the loving, safe friendship of two people who connect in a place that they cannot themselves fully define, a place that isn’t palpable to Reason, but the soul knows it well.

How thankful I am for the friends I have that I connect with on such a deep level that words are not needed all the time. Spending time together isn’t vital for us to remain closer than ever. I live because I have special people who care for me and love me and remember me. Even if every single one of them rejected me, I think I would survive on the memories.

Hmm… getting philosophical as the clock ticks nearer to the sunrise.

Why must we try to fit words onto thing that exist in a different dimension than words do?

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