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Two-way immersion programs in America?


  • How awesome would it be for globalization if every American school was a two-way immersion program?
  • The ratio should be about 50% Spanish, 25% European languages, and 25% Asian languages. That might need to be tweaked, depending on the needs dictated by the economy and future predictions of trade.
  • What would it take to implement such a thing?
  • How many new teachers with L2 proficiency would need to be found, trained, and placed?
  • How would hard-headed, stubborn American parents take to such an idea?
  • What would the future benefits be? Are they even measurable?
  • How many years would it take to completely implement this plan?
  • How much money would it take from the government?
  • Would private corporations be willing to financially support this plan as well? After all, the goal is to facilitate international business and trade.
  • Would teaching every American student two languages from Kindergarten on increase scores across the board in education?
  • How would this affect special-needs students?

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