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Tomorrow’s Just a Future Yesterday

Ended up going to a baseball game last night with Beth and Rob. On the walk from that parking lot behind-behind Hammons Hall (where Beth, Dana, Morgan and I lived freshman year on the very top floor, farthest left on the part that sticks out in the middle) to Hammons Field, the three of us caught up with a young boy and his father walking to the game. Said son had a baseball glove and was pretending to catch a pretend ball. I pretended to catch it and throw it back to him, and a game of pretend catch ensued.

I thought it was really cute, and I tried to hand the “ball” to Beth and Rob a couple times, but they didn’t want to play. While I was doing that, the little boy kept catching something I didn’t throw, and it was adorable. I want kids someday, but I like being childless right now. :)

I just started reading Craig Ferguson’s (of The Late Late Show fame) fiction novel called Between the Bridge and the River.
So far, I have only read the first three chapters, but Craig Ferguson is hilarious and painfully realistic at the same time. He sings his own theme song:

It’s Hard to Stay Up
It’s Been a Long, Long Day and You Got the Sandman at the Door
But Hang On, Leave the TV On and Let’s Do It Anyway
It’s OK, You Can Always Sleep Through Work Tomorrow, OK?
Hey Hey
Tomorrow’s Just a Future Yesterday

which you can hear by visiting http://www.cbs.com/latenight/latelate/ It’s at the bottom of the page on the right.

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