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One day I was playing soccer inside and I broke the lamb…

Keri, please read the comment on my “Quick Blog” entry… As a former student, whadda ya think??? :D

Check out my Daegu students: http://www.flickr.com/groups/daegu/

I’m hoping that they send me more pictures so that I actually have some good ones. They took *a lot* of pictures. You know that stereotype about Asians carrying cameras every where? It’s true. After our first class, I walked out into the hall and there were two students having their picture taken by the Jim D. Morris Center shadowbox display, victory signs flashing. :) They were a fun, lively group and I really enjoyed teaching them American Culture. It was one of the easiest classes I’ve ever taught. And it was supposed to be. One assignment a week. That means I only had one thing to grade. :D

I’m reading through final essays, and some are funny–the mistakes, that is. But some really touch you. That is what I like about being an English teacher. You really get to know your students by seeing how they think and through the little glimpses of their lives. Not many teachers get that. Anyway, right now, I’m going back and forth between MySpace and this one student’s portfolio. The essay I am reading right now is about what causes mood changes, and his/her stories are sad… they are all about how his/her father act or reacts to things that greatly affect the mood of the student. Perhaps it’s an article mistake that makes this sentence so vivid, but it caught me: “One day I was playing soccer in the salon inside my house and I broke the lamb. I knew my father would be mad.” The Lamb. What is it, I wonder. Turns out, his/her mother intervened, so Dad wasn’t mad.

I talked to my brother for 2 hours tonight! He’s such a cool guy, and we are the best of friends. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we talked last, we just talk for hours about anything and everything. <3 I used to sing my heart out to JEW's "Drugs for Me" to him. I guess I'm scared that when he's out, he's not going to last. I know he is a strong man with the mind of a genius, but I'm just afraid. I know how powerful addiction can be, not personally, but I've observed it enough. Anyway, he has a bright future, and he always has. He has jeopardized it in the past, but I believe, because of his potential, that that future is still within his reach. We talked about his college and future plans. Very smart guy. Deciding what to do with your life is a big decision! Just like marriage; you don't rush into it. We talked about online courses, the ACT (*gag*), and advantages of an A.A. Look at how optimistic I'm bein. It's in my soul. Can't help it. Nor do I want to. Gotta go.

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