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What I hate most about being an adult

I remember crying to my mommy when I realized that I was indeed going to grow up some day and have to be a “WOMAN.” It hasn’t really been all that bad, not as bad as I thought it would be. The responsibilities aren’t too difficult to keep up with, as long as you keep up with them. I think I have been realizing lately (as in the last few years) what truly must be the worst thing about being a grown up.

I moved once as a child. I was 9–almost 10–and Dad got a better job in Neosho, so we moved there two weeks before I started 4th grade. I made some friends that I luckily still have today. I make friends easily, and I have made new friends at every stage of life, starting college, at “work,” getting married, in grad school….

But that is the worst part of being an adult. As children, hardly anyone left Neosho, and only two people that I remember as close friends left (Jenny Hagensicker and Natalie Nicoletti–did I spell her name right?). Now, almost all my very good, close friends who I have known for more than five years have left the city I live in, with the exception of two. Thankfully only a few people moved outside of “comfortable driving distance.” I lost contact with several of my high school friends for a few years, but we are now back in contact, well, something like contact, as we use MySpace blogs to tell each other what is going on in our lives.

Just this summer alone, nay, in the last two months! I have lost two close friends to distance. Sucks. And probably I’ll be moving outside of “comfortable driving distance” within the year. So all the friends I’ve made in grad school will be left.

I’m not saying you can’t be friends with someone who lives on the other side of the country, but let’s face it, you can’t just hop in your car and stop by Temple to hear her thesis defence the next day, or go to her graduation, or celebrate her birthday when you live 20 hours away. You only visit for the really big moments, like getting married or, or, what else? Once-a-year or once-every-two-years visit?! Having a baby? Most of my friends aren’t planning on doing that any time soon anyway! :(

I think the perfect place to be, whether in the middle of the desert or at the polar ice caps, or anywhere in between, would be in a city of all of my close friends and family, all the time, together.

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