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My (Topical) Thoughts for the Day

Pet Peeves: People who talk A LOT annoy me. Does it matter to her? Probably not. You know, you make a comment, just a one-sentence comment about something, and she just jumps in with something on a related vein, but not completely similar, just to talk. Then, when she can tell you are bored/busy/trying to get back to work/totally and utterly disinterested, she finally stops thinking of tangential stories to tell about herself. Wow I sound mean.

New Invention: I wish they made veggie cups, you know, like fruit cups, only with veggies. I just stocked up my desk drawer with a bunch of granola fiber bars, fruit cups, and SlimFast meal replacement shakes so that I can survive my 11 – 5 days without eating a real meal, and I’m craving some green beans. Is that weird? I would love one of those little cups like you can get at KFC right now. But I’m not driving to KFC, they don’t deliver, and I don’t know anyone who would just bring me one, so I’m out of luck. I guess I’m just going to have to have peach cherry medley.

Sweet Student: One of my students from last semester, who is from Darjeeling, India, stopped by my office today and brought me some Darjeeling tea! From Darjeeling, sent directly from Darjeeling by her mother. Isn’t that sweet. I don’t drink tea very often, but I’ll definitely drink it, and I still love the little gift. She’s a real nice girl who didn’t start the semester in my class, but transferred out of a native-speaker section into my non-native speaker section about half-way through the semester. Aren’t I the lucky one?

Married Life: I’m not going to see my husband until late Friday night: this sucks! I have a night class tonight, and due to his 5 AM mornings, he’ll be in bed by the time I get home. Tomorrow night, I am leaving town as soon as I get done with class, and Friday, he works a split shift, from 5-11 AM and 5-12 PM, so I won’t see him until he gets off that night! I almost forgot to pick up my birth control today, and because I thought the campus health center closed at 4:30, I hustled over there as soon as I remembered, only to find out they are open until 6. Thank goodness! Not getting preggers this month!

Baby Steps: So far this semester, I am doing a superb job of NOT procrastinating. I am keeping up with all my homework, except for one class (I’ll explain why in a minute), and I have been getting better at grading in a more timely fashion. I only have class from Monday night until Thursday at 5, so I have basically scheduled all day Monday and Friday as homework/grading days. So far, that is working for me. It’s about time I found something, but I’m not sure how practical it is to rely on having two full free days a week to avoid procrastination; it’s not something I can guarantee for the rest of my life. About that one class, it is a linguistics class and the teacher is Chinese. I haven’t quite figured things out yet, but as far as I can tell, everything we’ve discussed thus far is stuff we covered in “Linguistics 101.” That’s why I’m not doing the reading. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the prof, because I’m sure she knows her stuff, but she doesn’t seem like the best teacher so far….

In Conclusion: I have about 80 minutes until my night class starts, so I’m making a deal with myself to encourage hard work (Why I’m posting it here, I’m not sure, but oh well…): If I get my homework done, I can go to the corner gas station and reward myself with Dr. Pepper. Love that stuff.

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