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New Years Resolutions

Looking back over the past year with the future year in mind kinda like balancing in the middle of a see-saw. What have I learned that I should apply to the coming year? What have I forgotten as the year transpired that I need to remember?

Here are my resolutions. Hold me to ’em!

  1. Daily (They say “28 days makes a habit.” We’ll see!):
    1. Establish and maintain a regular workout routine
    2. More God time
    3. Daily Mary-Kay-style affirmations
  2. Long-term:
    1. Get better at phone communication!
    2. Graduate. Then, apply and be accepted to a PhD program
    3. Be more patient and friendly towards Rob (“We’re meanest to the ones we love the most” <- I don't want this to be true in my life)
    4. Be content with what I have (i.e. be financially responsible)
    5. Want for everyone what I want for myself

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