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I waited for my plagiarizing student for about 45 minutes, and he never showed up. At least Dr. Biava and I had a nice chat. I actually prefer that it went down like this, because I hate face-to-face confrontation. I did get some insight from the only true Marxist I know: confrontation should not be daunting if you are in power (check!) and if you are right (double check!!). This wisdom made me feel better about what was supposed to happen, but I’m still glad the initial confrontation gets to happen through email.

Plagiarism just gives me the itchy twitchy heebie-jeebies. I am at the same time disappointed in my student, pitying that he [ was so lazy | lacked enough self-confidence ] to resort to cheating, disgusted at the dishonesty, and insulted to think that I come across as enough of fool that he thinks he can pull one over on me. I oscillate between feeling inept (what did I fail to teach him that he felt he had to resort to plagiarism) and feeling indignant.

Ahh, now it’s hitting me: the relief of another completed semester! Hopefully at midnight tonight I can see how well I did… I think it might be possible that I have a 4.0 this semester (hasn’t happened since my first semester of undergrad :( )!!! If so, partying shall ensue promptly thereafter! :D It basically depends on the following things:

  • Sociolinguistics: it’s pretty much guaranteed
  • Historical Linguistics: How terribly did I bomb the final? Did I do well enough on the term paper?
  • Web Design: Did I score high enough on the final project?

So it’s off to the races. I think I’m going to walk to the mall (it’s about 1/2 mile away) and see if I can knock out the last two gifts!

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