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Update Last time on “Plagiarism”: Waited for student for 45 minutes. No show. Sent email. Left for Christmas shopping.

So he emails me wanting to set up an appointment for 4. It is currently 2:37. And I am wading through the mall. Sorry.

I email him at 5 when I get back. Good, we’ll meet tomorrow and he’ll “explain everything.” *long, deep groan, very Napoleon Dynamite-esque* I don’t want to hear it. I want to hear “I’m sorry, Mrs. Mueller, what I did was terribly wrong, and I realize that.” Nope, I’m gonna get some lame-ass sob story.

Perhaps he should have cared a little more and attended more than *grabs calculator* 54% of the class. Perhaps he should have cared more and wrote the paper himself! PERHAPS HE SHOULD HAVE CARED A LITTLE MORE ABOUT THREE HOURS BEFORE AND COME TO THE MEETING!

*deep breath*

One thought on “Update!

  1. Daniel

    19 Dec on 2006 at 10:20

    how do you know he plagiarized it and did he copy the whole thing or just parts? You should include more info about such juicy stuff!