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Worse than the Day after Thanksgiving?

Well, I did it. I braved the madness and bought some wrapping paper. I always hit the stores the day after Christmas to buy holiday items, like wrapping paper, ribbon, and boxes. I haven’t paid full price for Christmas wrapping paper in about 3 years! I caught myself shaking my head, mocking those people with carts full of wrapping paper, bows, lights, and snowman soap dispensers. “How silly!” I thought.

And then, as I knocked over a display of “Convenience Wrapping Package: 4 rolls of paper, 8 bows, and 8 gift tags” with the 3 rolls of “Extra Large” wrapping paper I was carrying, which made me unable to catch the first “Convenience Wrapping Package,” causing the others on the shelf to topple, domino style, I realized that I was just as bad. *sigh* At least I’m getting a great deal!

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