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The following is part of an email from Dr. Biava, a professor who has taught almost every single one of my graduate-level TESOL courses:

[BTW, I will need a substitute to teach ENG 590 (grammar; you took this last spring) for 3 classes near the end of March. I think we will be meeting T/Th 4-5:15. Would you be interested? You are the first person I have asked–you usually like to try to do things. If you’re interested, I can tell you more when we talk. If you aren’t able to sub, I’m sure I can find someone else, so don’t feel any pressure.]

OMG. I’m giddy! When I read this,
I screamed and ran in to Rob, who is playing FIFA07 (it’s a PS2 soccer game) in the living room, nestled comfortably in the couch, and made him jump up and dance around the living room with me. She is asking me to teach the advanced grammar class, “Grammatical Analysis”!! This isn’t an undergrad class, folks. I would be teaching fellow grad students. I think I can put this on my resume when I apply to PhD programs and it will speak volumes about my professor’s trust in my abilities. Wow… this actually says a lot about what she thinks about me! She thinks I know and understand enough, she thinks I can handle teaching my fellow students. She has confidence in me. ……..

And to think, just a few hours ago, I was feeling inadequate and stupid and unmotivated!

Okay, you’re right. I didn’t make Rob jump up and dance around the living room. But I did make him pause the game and get all excited with me. :) I did scream, though.

*Ahem* Okay, I have to collect myself so that I don’t sound like a giddy 4th grader when I respond. :D

P.S. Just met with Dr. Biava regarding this substituting, and you guys have got to keep this a secret. I know most of you don’t know any people taking this class or even people who know people taking this class, but just don’t tell them, okay? :)

One thought on “*screams*

  1. Jill

    19 Jan on 2007 at 16:00

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY LINDY! I cyber-screamed with you!