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The Final Semester Has Started

It started Monday morning at 5:30 when I rolled out of bed to finish up class prep and see Rob off to work. Ugh. It was an early morning.

My first section of English 210 went really well. I even made them laugh a few times, and that’s an accomplishment for me. I’m being strict this semester, mostly because they are upper-classmen and I don’t want to deal with whiney excuses and feeling unfair for letting some people extend deadlines and not others. I like it better that way. I’m a “Rules” person.

I have a nice little break between my first section and my second: from 11 until 1. So I ate lunch, did some paperwork, and enjoyed the free time. [Last semester, my classes–all of them–were back-to-back on Tuesdays and Thursdays. NOT FUN, I assure you. Especially when the teacher of the middle class (i.e. when I’m getting seriously hungry) does not allow students to eat in her class.] My second section is weird… they didn’t laugh at my jokes, and a student was nodding off. I hate that. Overall, though, the class went well, and I think I’ll really enjoy it once things get started because I have some very dedicated students in there. At least that is what they tell me. :P

After my last teaching section, I have a one-hour break, and then Sarah Awesome and I work out. I did weights, and it felt really good. (Steph, are you proud?!) Directly after work-out hour, I go to “Methods in TESOL.” It’s going to be a lot of work, but *sigh* I think I’ll really learn a lot of stuff I wish I knew when I started teaching ESOL… A year ago….

An hour and a half break, then my Mark Twain class. Very excited about this one! The prof is easy-ish, and he’s un-officially changing the hours of the class. It should be from 6:30 until 9:20, but he’s making it 6:45 until 9:00. He said we’re starting at 6:45 because of a previous engagement he has (who knows…) and stopping at 9:00 so that he can meet with those of us who are unavailable to meet during his regular office hours. SWEET! I slept during the Mark Twain biography that we watched during the second half. The room was dark, and at this point, I had been up for a long time on little sleep and I had worked out. Excuses po-schmuses, as Robbie might say, but I was beat.

When class was finally dismissed, I headed home to the half-season premier of Prison Break. LOVE that show. I didn’t use to have “can’t miss shows,” but boy-howdy! I do now! :D James arrived to the Mueller hotel and him and Rob started playing Mario Kart and Bomberman, so I went to bed.

Then I got up at 5:00 for the “Tone to the Max” class I’m taking at the YMCA. Aw man, am I out of shape! My leg muscles hurt so much about one day after the class (you know, just enough time for all the lactic acid to build up in your muscles). Despite the soreness that makes me sit down, stand up, enter or exit a car, walk up or down stair like a decrepit 130-year-old whose joints are worn out from all the livin’, I feel good about the class. If it was later in the day, I think it would be oh-so-easy to find excuses for it, but seeing as since it’s before the breaka-breaka-dawn, I have time to come back home and sleep for a few hours before really feeling like I’ve wasted the day. So basically, I sleep for a few hours, wake up, eat a power breakfast (quality, not quantity), torture my muscles into getting stronger, then go pass out again for a few hours. Nice, huh? LOL

I’ve picked a race! I’m going to run a 5k during Spring Break. I think I must need a definite goal like that to make me see my running seriously, because since I stopped training for the marathon, it’s been really hard to stick with a running plan. I’ve read about things like that, but I thought I was bigger than that. Guess not. Anyway, the official training starts on February 3, which is next week! I really wanted my first race to be a 10k, but I don’t want to put this off any longer, and there isn’t a 10k during Spring Break, so it’s just gonna hafta be a 5k.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are completely school-free. Ha. I just don’t have to be on campus, but since Mondays and Wednesdays are chock-full of school-ism, I will be spending Tuesdays and Thursdays doing homework, grading, and class prep. It’s a pretty sweet schedule, I think.

*yawn* I’ve got to get to bed, or I’m going to be worthless.

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