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Is there such thing as daily-cycle depression? It seems like I start off the day good, hit a medium-low point mid-day (and I mean mid-day as in “half-way between waking and sleeping,” not noon. Although sometimes–because of the semester–it does happen that way), which spurs me on and makes me want to accomplish all sorts of things. Then I hit a snag (distractions, unforeseen situations which cannot be put off, etc), lose track, never get back on track, then end the day feeling depressed because I didn’t accomplish what I needed to and I’m going home to an empty apartment (when Rob closes or if I’m going home before he gets home). My day brightens up whenever he gets home, so that’s always nice. But for now, I’m sitting here trying to put a finger on what’s making me feel down. Besides having approximately 15 pages on the subject-verb agreement of collective nouns due in 8 days.

I like doing laundry. I even like the sorting before and folding and putting away after. I think it plays to my strong tendencies to prefer order over chaos. But I always get stuck with that last load. I fold/put away the first two loads while the others are in the washer and dryer, but as soon as there isn’t any more washing and drying going on, I seem to lose steam and end up with one basket of laundry (usually the lights) that ends up sitting in the laundry basket as a softest cushion for Mr. Naveed to nap on. And it sits there until the next laundry day. And we’re always picking through it: “Where’s my _____ shirt?” “Ah! Must be in the laundry basket!”

I have a weird pain in my leg (it’s the inside lower third of my right leg, if you must know). I asked my aerobix (Ha! I just invented a new spelling!) instructor about it this morning, and she told me it’s shin splints. Doesn’t feel like what I was told shin splints were. And it hurts all the time. I’ve been using an abnormally large number of sentences without subjects in this post, and I usually avoid them like you avoided the kid in 7th grade who never wore deodorant. So she told me to RICE Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. I just wanted her to tap on it with her magic wand and make it go away. It hurts all the time, whether I’m sitting, standing, walking, going up or down stairs, or whatever else I’m doing.

Harry Potter week is going to be so great. I am trying not to think about it, because I’ll just get myself all worked up and drive everyone crazy. But I have one thing to say. Fifth Movie: July 13. Seventh–and last–book: July 21. Within eight days of each other! AHHHHH!

Rob is a much better cook than I. I always opted for Enrichment or Band over Home Ec in high school, and I never really paid enough attention when cooking was going on at home or family events. I can go desserts and breakfast foods pretty well, but that’s all I feel totally comfortable with. Rob has taught me that you have test your pasta before you serve it. Never knew that.

Food time…

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  1. Glen

    05 Apr on 2007 at 14:38

    so the midday depression thing- you know it could be your diet, as wierd as it sounds…. think about it… you wake up, you’re either running on energy that a- you haven’t used from eating the night prior or you’re using breakfast. You go without till that midday-ish meal, and by the time it kicks in, you’re on that second hype, and it lasts till dinner, but this time, before the drop, you go to sleep… not to mention the various occurrences through each day… does this ‘depression’ of sorts occur on a weekend when you sleep till 10 and don’t go to bed till 2? btw, i’ve got a technical question for you on this whole blogging thing… either call me or answer when i call?