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Study Group = GOOD

I am a part of a study group of the comprehensive exams in TESOL and linguistics, and I am so glad.

If I were talking to you in person, I would probably have leaned in, raised my eyebrows, and said those words with conviction and slightly slower than normal. So that you would understand their gravity. You know I’m a procrastinator, but if you are part of a study group, with scheduled presentations to give, you can’t procrastinate. I couldn’t think of one reason to skip (a terrible thought, I know!) or slack off. None were convincing enough. These people, they see right through all that crap. Or at least I am projecting that onto them. That way, I won’t try to skip. Wow, that’s some serious mind tricks I’m playing on myself, huh? :)

So here you find me, taking a break from dutifully working on my comp exam questions while listening to Erasure and Death Cab for Cutie.

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