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What a Week!

Monday was good. Monday morning, Rob had to go into work at 6 for a meeting, but he came home at 8 and had to go back in for a 1 to close shift. He had run by Wal-Mart and bought some bacon, sausage, and croissants… and pinkish-purple irises in a pink basket–very cute. I told him that it was rather ironic, because I had been looking at online florists and had found the perfect bouquet of deep purple irises and pink tulips (see the image along the right). He said, “Is that all you want for Valentine’s Day?” I told him they’d be absolutely perfect, but that they were too expensive (he kept telling me “only $15 for Valentine’s Day”).

The lesson I taught was really boring and I don’t think my students liked it very much. Oh well; I warned them ahead of time that they would only learn if they paid attention. I was starting to feel a little under the weather, but nothing worth mentioning even. I gave a Powerpoint presentation with Phil and Hongying in my 4:00 class, and it went really well:

We taught an imaginary class of Chinese university students at the intermediate English. We used the situation of dating: what college student isn’t interested in dating? We made comparisons to Chinese dating culture (thanks to Hongying, who is a late 30s-something Chinese woman, really smart), taught the class vocabulary (getting hit on, flirting, double date vs. two-time etc.) and some pick-up lines (“Do you come here often?” and “Can I buy you a drink?”) and some ways to turn down pick-up lines, both polite (“Oh, are you hitting on me?” and “I already have a boyfriend.”) and rude (Reply angrily in Chinese and walk off and “You’re drunk; leave me alone.”). We taught them some conversations that are acceptable for a first date (“Where have you traveled?” and “What are some of your hobbies?”) and some that aren’t (“How much do you make?” and “Sex? *wink wink*”). It was a good lesson because everyone could relate and it is fun.

Next for the day was Mark Twain class. I love the subject matter, but my prof is frustrating. Several times during lecture, he will say something like this: “So this is an excellent example of how Twain, you know.” And then he goes on to his next sentence. I just want to scream, “No! I don’t know! That’s why I signed up for the class. If I knew, I wouldn’t be wasting 3 credit hours here every week!” *sigh* And the discussions aren’t always intellectually stimulating.

Tuesday, I woke up feeling icky. I slept a lot, and when I was awake, I worked on my degree paper–I’m proud of that. Guess who showed up at my door? The delivery man with a box from 1-800 Flowers! Inside was the exact bouquet I told Rob I wanted! So I ended up with two beautiful bouquets of tulips and some irises (one of my favorite flowers)!

I got with Jazzy Jo to make sure she could sub for me on Wednesday if necessary, and that’s what ended up happening. When I got up Wednesday morning, I felt even worse than Tuesday: my throat was on fire, my nose was running like water, and I was coughing and sneezing like crazy. So JJ went to my classes, had them turn in their papers, gave them the next assignment sheet, and let ’em go, all within seven minutes. :)

So it sucked because I was really sick on Valentine’s Day, but the trade-off was that I actually got to see my husband. Mondays and Wednesdays are 9 – 9 days for me, and since he had to work at 6 the next morning, I wouldn’t have been able to see him at all. Instead, we got to spend the day together! I got up at 8 to see how I felt, emailed JJ, the slept until 1. I got Rob an MP3 module for the DS for Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t work like we expected it to (piece o’ crap, if you ask me), so we returned it and bought a wireless router, then decided to go to a new restaurant, Red Robin (their tagline is “America’s Gourmet Burgers and Spirits”). It was really good! Rob had a bacon cheeseburger and I had a yummy barbecue chicken wrap and French onion soup. The soup was okay, but the wrap was delicious. We liked it so much, we went back on Thursday for take out. :) We spent the rest of the night watching movies, then I slept in really late again Thursday morning.

Friday was a pretty good day overall. I received some books I had ordered:

  • Agreement (Greville G. Corbett)
  • Language and the Internet (David Crystal)
  • Language and Mind (Chomsky)
  • The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky (Ed. James McGilvray)

The first two are for both of my degree papers and the last two are because I’m a nerd. :) I’ve already started skimming Language and the Internet, and I think it will be an excellent source for my paper on how the Internet will effect the rate at which our language changes.

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