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Interesting Link

Thanks to Morgan for this oh-so-relevant link… I am mustering all my strength to resist sending it to a certain someone…

You probably thought I had died or something huh? It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here. Well, let me sum it up.

I have about 80 papers to grade, four tests to write (I am cursing myself for committing to create two separate tests for each class–maybe I’ll nix that and just write one for each class. They won’t cheat, right?), and the biggie: I didn’t know until the first week of March that if I don’t want to graduate in December, I’m going to have to finish my second degree paper (read: 25 EFFING PAGES!!!) this semester. *sigh* It was supposed to be due Friday, March 30, but thankfully my professor is allowing me to turn it in on Monday. Guess what I’ve been doing ALL weekend.

I really do what to post here somewhat regularly. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that as soon as this paper is finished! Auf Wiedersehen! Ich muss schreiben.

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