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Blogging. Finally! (part 2)

Recap Part Two

Spring break was the week of March 19. We made a quick visit to Lawrence, just Sunday afternoon and early Monday afternoon, and had a great time. ;) I had just found out that I had passed comps and I wanted to celebrate! Almost the first thing we did when we got there, though, was go for a 3 mile run. The guys finished in a little over 9 minute miles, and Beth and I finished in 35’09”, which was a pretty good time for me! Then we showered (not together!) and walked downtown to a cool Indian place. I had a not-very-good martini, but since it was $6.50, I just had to finish it. Beth, James, and Rob really wanted to check out the KU basketball game, so we went to the local brewery, Free State Brewery, and on the way passed their little Moxie-like theater where we noticed a German movie, Der Leben des Anderen, would be playing in a half an hour, and we decided to go.

But first, Free State. It was moderately packed, but most of the people were standing around the bar so they could see the TV. We chose a table, and each chose a different Free State specialty beer. I also ordered a caramel butterscotch deliciousness. I don’t really remember what exactly was in it, but it was very yummy. The beers made their rounds, as each of us tried the others’ beers. After the Jayhawks won, we finished up our own beers, we paid and went to the theater. It’s a very cool little place, and since it’s directly next to Free State and an independent theater, they had Free State on tap. And I’m celebrating, right? So I ordered the one I liked the best and tried to enjoy it during the movie… but I was feeling a little tipsy. And I had to *ahem* “break the seal” (pulling out a phrase from college, there!) within the first half hour of the movie.

Despite having to leave the movie twice to use their facilities, I really enjoyed the movie. It takes place in 1985 in East Berlin (where my Robbie is from!), and follows the life of a playwrite who successfully published information about the East in the West that the East didn’t want to get out. Very good; I recommend it.

Tuesday, Sarah and I met at Churchill’s on Republic Road and did research.

Wednesday night, as soon as Rob got off work, we drove to St. Louis so he could attend a key holders’ meeting. I spent about two hours at Panera reading David Crystal’s Language and the Internet and writing little notecards, took a little break at The Container Store (my new favorite store!), then planted myself at Border’s for the afternoon doing more research. I got soooo much done! It was great. Friday, Sarah and I met at Panera and did more research. :) Crazy. I got a significant amount of research done, though, and it really helped!

Then, the Saturday of Spring Break, I ran my first race! The starting line for the half-marathon, 5k, and 1k was at a hotel by the airport. It was a great run. Sarah and I did the 5k (3.1 miles) in 33’15”, and we tied for 2nd in our age category! The weather was perfect. I really like the refreshment tent at the end of the race. You just walk up and take your pick of any delicious, carb-filled treats to rebuild your glycogen stores. It’s great. :) There are some pretty funny pics from the morning that you might enjoy.

Sunday I–you guessed it–did more research, along with a little bit of necessary class prep. With that, my spring break was over. And that is where I shall leave you this time. One week until the second degree paper is due, still glowing from running my first race…

Twin Links of the Day

Google Docs & Spreadsheets: Wow. Where do I start? Created, edit, and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets wherever you are. Whaddya need that flash drive for? So what that I forgot it. My homework, important business proposal, or to do list is on Google Docs. Your documents are wherever you are. Sweet. Totally sweet. I have some really great success stories about this program, if you ever want to hear them. Google Docs has made my life easier in so many ways.

Google Notebook: I’m not quite sure what the benefits of this are over Google Docs, but I’m keeping an open mind. I downloaded a Firefox extension that allows you to highlight any text on a Web page and store it immediately to your notebook.

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