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The Grading will Never Stop

I normally like grading (weird, I know), but right now, I just want to use the 3-inch high stack of essays, quizzes, and grammar mid-terms to start a nice cozy fire that I can curl up in front of.

I have graded the last big essay and almost all the rough drafts from this essay (the only rough drafts I’m grading at all this semester), so now I only have left a grammar quiz and the grammar mid-term. Oh, but joy of all joys, they’re turning in another major essay today. That’s right folks, today.

The grammar stuff takes forever to grade because there are several possible answers and I don’t want to take points off if an answer is correct but not what the book gives. So I have to be extra careful. Some answers could make sense in a certain context, so I want to make sure I’m considering different contexts the student could have meant. All in all, it just takes a long time to grade.

I have actually been doing a pretty good job this week with keeping up with the grading and getting caught back up with my school work. Unfortunately, it has involved staying up until 3 or 4 almost every night, and I’m wearing thin. I will be taking a nap, at least one nap… today for sure. Then, when I get home tonight, I’ll try to spend some nice quality time with The Husband, and then sleep until I wake up. I should go to my Tone to the Max class tomorrow, but I really really need the sleep. :(

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