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Strawberry Ritas, Huck Finn, and a Casserole

I am having a good night! I was going to go to Cheddar’s to read Huckleberry Finn (since I didn’t finish it during the semester) and get $2.50 strawberry ritas, but then I realized I could prolly do it cheaper at home. So off to the Wine Center I went. Bought the Strawberry Rita mix, bought the Bacardi, used the blender that has stood lonely on the countertop for over a year, read lots of Huck Finn.

Now I’m cooking dinner, since Rob’ll be home in a few hours (I’m making a casserole). Then I’m going to drink some more. Why the sudden alcoholism, you ask? Because the semester is finally over, that’s why! (I’m pretty good at abstaining during the semester because I just plain don’t have enough time to drink and deal with the consequences.) And some [. . .] student is being a pain and appealing his grade, which he does not deserve. I am grateful for supporting faculty: it looks like, at this point, that the department head is going to support my decision NOT to bump up the student’s grade. Thank goodness.

I worked on end-of-semester, tying-things-up stuff today at the office for about 5 hours, and I hope to put in about as much time in tomorrow on my 1st degree paper. Hold me to it, folks; this crap has GOT to get done yesterday.

I think I got all As this semester! I just found out last semester from Mrs. Awesome that your transcript shows your grades before the grade report is posted–isn’t that sweet? Prolly only SMS people know what I’m talking about, but believe me, it’s sweet. :)

Okay, back to the cooking.

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