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Here’s a Treat

Okay, now I am going ask if any one is reading this. If you are, you’re getting a secret-ish type thing today.

We don’t want to announce this to everyone yet, because it’s just an interview, but here’s the news. A couple weeks ago, I sent an application in for a full-time tenured position at Justus-Liebig-Uni in Giessen, Germany, teaching bachelor’s and master’s level English teachers. Today when I opened my Gmail, there was an email from Dr. Legutke asking me to come to Germany for an interview on August 7!

I was sitting in my (brand new private) office and I jumped up and squealed a little bit. Then I called Rob at work.

We’ve both been looking at flight prices, and it won’t cost too much extra to fly into Frankfurt (the airport nearest to Giessen) and out of Berlin (where his family is from), so it looks like I’ll get to spend some time with die Schwiegereltern (the in-laws) even!

You know, even if I don’t get the job, at least I will have had a nice little Deutschland vacation (plane tickets seem to be cheaper if you’re there for at least a week)!

But… if I do get the job: anyone want to buy some furniture or adopt two adorable kitties? :)

One thought on “Here’s a Treat

  1. Jill

    18 Jul on 2007 at 13:33

    OMG!!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!! I want to visit you, even if you don’t come visit me in DC ;-)