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Renewal: Germany, Canada, and a Running Challenge

Okay, I was getting ready to write a post about how I wish people would let me know they are reading this blog more, but then I realized that it’s just like staying in contact: as much as I haven’t called you, you haven’t called me. So if I want people to read this, I probably should start posting stuff, huh? :) Well here’s my first attempt… I’ll go for a weekly post at the very least, okay?


Teaching in Germany?
Big news lately? I applied for a full-time tenured position at a Uni (that’s Deutsch for “university”) in Giessen, Hessen, Germany (that’s “city, state, country”)! My application was received this past Monday, so no, I haven’t heard anything yet, but the position begins on October 1, so I’m assuming the latest I’d hear back would be the end of August or the beginning of September.

It’d be an awesome job to have–teaching English to future English teachers–but I just don’t know that I’m as qualified as they want. They are looking for three years of experience, and I have two academic years, plus two summers. It equals six semester, but is not technically three years. I get pretty excited just thinking about it, so I’m trying not to set up false hopes.

Moving to Canada?
Apparently BBBY is opening stores in Canada soon, and the district HR guy called Rob (and all the other managers) about a month ago and asked him if we’d be interested in either moving there for good or just him going to open a store (he’d be gone for about three months). We said “Yes!” Funky thing is about this: they are reluctant to set down a time table, so we have no idea when (or if?) it’s going to happen.

R-U-N for a Running Challenge?
My running partner, Sarah, and I ran our 10k on June 23 (Happy 6th Anniversary to Nick and Morgan!), and are now preparing for our half marathon in November. We even decided to issue a running challenge to all our friends, and we’ve received a few responses from people who are up to the challenge. Interested? There’s a summary below, and if you’re interested, email me or comment on this message. We even have a t-shirt design in the works!

Run for the Summit: 1 mile or 5k (3.1 miles) — the cost isn’t posted yet, but races usually run between $10 and $20

Saturday, September 8:00 am

Sequiota Park, Springfield


There are a variety of reasons:

  • Burn off that post-baby fat
  • Get in shape for rodeo season (or other athletic event)
  • Get in shape for swim suit season (it’s never too early, right?)
  • Bond with Linden and/or Sarah
  • Lose some weight before the holidays
  • Discover a new, healthy hobby
  • To tone a pair of sexy calves, hammies, and hips


  • We can (and will!) help and we have some web resources to help:
    5K Training (http://www.halhigdon.com/5K%20Training/index.htm) – Hal is pretty much the best there is…
  • Walk / Run Training (http://www.americanrunning.org/associations/412/files/12-week_walkrun.pdf) – This program is perfect for you if you have never run more than 50 feet before–it’s the program that helped Linden get started.

You can also run with us at Sequiota Park (better call / email us to verify times; if it’s raining, we typically run at the Y on Republic Road):
Tuesdays, 7 am; normal miles
Wednesdays, 7 am; speedier running
Fridays, 7 am; normal miles
Sundays, 6 am; long run

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