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Online Garage Sale: Make an Offer!

How It Works

Take a look at all the items we have for sale and make a list of the items you are interested in. Then decide what you think is a fair price. Email me or call me with your list and your offer. We’ll haggle it out until we both feel we’re getting a good deal, just like if you were standing in my (non-existent) garage, looking at my wares. It’s the garage sale of the 21st Century! :)

If you live outside of the Springfield-metro area and are unable to pick up your items, I will package them up, take them to the post office, and you can pay the exact postage, plus a one or two bucks to cover the cost of buying a cardboard box, bubble wrap, and tape.

Items In the Online Garage Sale

Click on links to see pictures and descriptions of the items.

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