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Our Trip From Springfield, MO to Gießen, DE

I’ve been playing and replaying this in my mind over and over. At least once a day, Rob and I discuss how we are going to make it from south Springfield to central Giessen with almost 400 pounds of luggage. We’re hoping that his mom is going to be able to pick us up in Frankfurt. That would make all of this SO much easier.

First, let me explain why we’re taking SOOOOO much luggage. The USPS charges $250 to mail 70 pounds. U.S. Airways charges $80 to check a suitcase of no more than 100 pounds. So for the USPS’s $250/80lbs. we can essential check about 300 pounds. Add in the cost of new HUGE luggage (about $135), plus potentially a van taxi from the Frankfurt Airport to Giessen (maybe €120, which is about $164), and we’re still cheaper than USPS per pound.

Okay, so here’s our path. I think you’re all familiar with the Springfield to St. Louis part of the trip. The absolute cheapest way would be to take the train from the Frankfort Flughafen (“Fluke-ha-fin”) to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (“howpt-bonn-hoaf, “Central Train Station).

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The next leg of the trip would be from the Hauptbahnhof, upstairs (with about 6 large suitcases, plus carry-ons?! I don’t even want to think about that…). Then we’d board a Zug (“tzook,” train) to Giessen.

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Finally, we’ll walk or take a taxi to our apartment, which I hope is the destination in the map before. We’ll find out in the next couple days! (That’s SUPER exciting!)

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EDIT: Guess what? Rob’s mom is going to be waiting for us at the airport in Frankfurt!!! WAHOO!!!!!

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