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Time + Money = Priorities (Part 2)

Um, first of all, sorry for all these two-part blogs. I’m not doing it on purpose, but like I’ve always told my students about writing, free writing is like using a pensieve: you get all these ideas down, and then when your brain is free from dealing with those ideas, it has more energy to process those ideas and test them out further. You begin to see more in the original ideas than you ever could have if you had just let them swim around in your brain. But enough of my lecture on prewriting. :)

Since I wrote that blog last night, I realized that I am really proud of myself. Running is one area in my life where I actually have my time aligned with my priorities–I want to run, so I make time for it. That means getting up much earlier than I ever wanted to in my life so that I can run with my running partner and so that we can take advantage of the cool time of the day. It sucks most mornings. I’m a night owl and so is Sarah, so I don’t think you’ll ever see us in the parking lot running up to each other, slapping high fives and jumping in excitement to be there instead of at home in our comfy beds with our ornery cats trying to wake us up. So even though we’ve been meeting at 6:45 or 7 all summer, it sure hasn’t gotten easier to get up then. But we do it. And it always feels good when we’re done. We know that we’ve done our exercise for the day and we can “relax” (comparatively) the rest of the day.

It also feels good at the end of the week to look back and know that I ran four times, didn’t sleep in, didn’t wuss out, didn’t get lazy. One of my first running mantras that kept me going before I had an awesome running partner to encourage me was “I am taking one step closer to an active, healthy, fit Linden, and getting one step further away from the lazy, couch-potato Linden who doesn’t like to sweat.” I have almost reached that goal. And that “almost” is the dangerous thing about working out. The day you stop taking those steps towards your goal, your body begins sliding back to the place you have been trying to desperately to get to, and so does your mind.

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