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Like a Brick Wall

I just got really lonely! Rob’s best friend from “high school” (or “Gymnasium,” as it is called in Deutsch) just stopped by for a visit and they went out for brunch so the apartment was suddenly quiet. Then I logged on and read (and re-read) a few emails and a Facebook message from friends and family and then the lonliness hit.

So I went shopping for office supplies. Those of you who don’t know, I hope this doesn’t affect your opinion of me. But I am addicted to office supplies. Pens–good ones–are probably my biggest weakness, but I love any little item that makes an office more workable: binder clips that keep papers from escaping, divided folders that keep all my classroom documents organized and portable, drawer dividers that keep each item in its place, hanging folders, you name it!

Since we moved here, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for good office supply stores. There is a department store, Kaufhof, on the next street over from Seltersweg (also a Fußgängerzone) that has a nice selection. Rob found a store, Büro Funk (I love that name!), near my bus stop that is just an office supply store. And I need some more organized way to keep track of student papers than piles on my desk: I was on the search for… well, I don’t even know what they are called. Available in both horizontal and vertical styles, you put papers in them for sorting or filing. I think the horizontal ones are usually labeled “inbox” and “outbox.” Does anyone know what I am talking about?? :)

Regardless of what they are called, Kaufhof had them at €3,— a pop! Büro Funk? Yep, only €1,50. I only had a €5 bill, so I got three, but I’m going to have to go back on my way to school today because they are on sale and there aren’t too many left!

Shopping does not heal what ever emotional ill I have at the time of Visa swiping, and I know that after three years of counseling. So I’m writing. And I’ll run later today.

Maybe I’m lonely because I haven’t made a friend yet? I have met some really great people, but you have to remember that I left this wonderful group of people in Springfield/America who Know me, Love me, and who I feel comfortable around. I don’t have any of that here yet, and I think that’s why I still don’t like going many places alone, and why I absolutely love getting emails, blog comments and your own blog posts (for those of you who have blogs blogs) Facebook messages and wall posts, MySpace messages and comments… basically, hearing from my friends and family back home really makes my day!

5 thoughts on “Like a Brick Wall

  1. James

    29 Oct on 2007 at 20:03

    PS that was BETH posting, not James :)

  2. James

    29 Oct on 2007 at 20:02

    You DO love pens! Reading about that brought a smile too my face because I LOVE you, KNOW you, and know allll about your propensity to purchase pens. And use alliterations wherever possible. ;)

  3. Lorraine

    25 Oct on 2007 at 21:21

    ooo: a new look. I like!

  4. Linden

    23 Oct on 2007 at 5:50

    You don’t happen to be referring to Moleskine notebooks, do you? Because I LOVE those things! I bought one before I left home just for copying translations and new words and phrases I learn or need to learn. It goes everywhere with me. :)

    I think I found a place like PaperSource at the end of Seltersweg that is just dreamy! It has every little notebook, fancy papers for making your own notecards or pretty notes, all sorts of pens, calendars, just everything! Of course, Rob was totally bored after about two seconds in there, but I can’t wait to go back alone so I can just browse and browse. :D

  5. Lorraine

    23 Oct on 2007 at 0:09

    I get that way about stationary stores. We went to PaperSource on the Plaza the other day over lunch. Oh, I could Live there! I bought myself a nice novel-sized text block that I Could turn into a journal if I ever figure out how…but in the meantime it will do rather nicely for displaying work from my portfolio. If you like little journals, you might look at Kaufhof’s stationary section: they have these nice little black books with elastic to keep them closed. I use mine to jot down ideas on the go, but also to copy in translations when I hear a new German (or Czech) phrase.

    Hmm…this is a long comment…