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Life Glasses

Well, I haven’t blogged for a week because Rob and I have been having some big meaningful conversations about the future. And those kinds of talks really consume my mind. I know there are things I would have wanted to say on my blog other than this, but our little tete-a-tetes just overshadowed everything else. And I wasn’t really ready to write about it until today. Plus, I don’t really feel like airing the particulars on my blog, but I do want to say a little bit on some tangent topics.

How’s Your Relationship?

Making an international move is a huge change in your life. The first thing I realized was that if your relationship isn’t strong already, don’t do it. Ever since we made the decision to move, we had a million other little decisions to make. Then, we got here and had a million other things to take care of.

It was all very stressful, but my general feeling is that we are stronger and close because of it. If I’m being really honest, I think we handled it like pros. I feel like instead of weakening our relationship, as it very well could have, it strengthened the bond we have.

It’s Like an Eye Appointment

Deciding to move to another country, leaving everything we had grown so comfortable; leaving all of the people who “make our souls blossom,” to reference one of my favorite quotes; and changing what we had planned for our life, in both the next few years and the long term goals: it has been like putting on new Life Glasses. This move has helped both of us realize what is really important, what we really want to do, and where we want to be when we do it. I feel like we gained insight into ourSelves that we just weren’t getting when we considered our life before the move.

It was a hard week emotionally. There were tears shed. But the result is that we both are on the same page (very important!) and we both understand how the other feels.

It’s weeks like this that I feel very intimately close to Rob.

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One thought on “Life Glasses

  1. Beth

    28 Nov on 2007 at 10:11


    1. Moving abroad definitely makes you rely on your spouse more!

    2. We miss our best friends too, and close, lasting relationships really do bring meaning to life in a way no country, city, or hillside can.

    3. Kids, EH???? ;)

    I’m sure those kinds of conversations are difficult but fuitful!!

    Love you!