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I just keep getting told that I am doing a good job (with interview questions—MK helped!—and in-class writing prompts, and coordinating the LC in general), and I have to say, it is nice to hear! I think I am insecure about my teaching because I am so new at it and my colleagues all have much more experience than I do.

But just like my old boss told me, I was hired because I have skills and I have proven them. Dr. Legutke, Dr. Grau, Dr. Huber, Ms. Bock, and Mr. Kurtzweil chose to hire me after that interview because they saw something in me that they wanted at their university. They believed that I would be capable for the job, and even though sometimes I doubt myself, they don’t. And I need to remember that.

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One thought on “Affirmation

  1. Beth

    16 Dec on 2007 at 9:42


    You’re Linden!!

    ’nuff said.