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Interview and a Headache

I just finished a relatively productive day. Productive before the rumors started flying about me being, what was it? “In a motherly way”? Carrying a “little Mueller”? “Expecting”? Truth is, it’s none of those. Nope, not preggers. Not yet, anyway. We will have a little Mueller. Eventually. So anyway, there was some drama, albeit seriously funny drama, on my Facebook wall today that distracted me today. Then I got back to work and picked up a headache somewhere along the way. No, Pablo, er, Safari Bob, I am not saying you gave me the headache. I’m just saying I had one. :)

So, just got done with three interviews with one of my colleagues, and it was definitely a learning experience for me. GB has more experience and training in this sort of thing, so I tried to learn from him (and will probably continuing doing so with the rest of my colleagues).

This is the part that weirds me out. The people we were interviewing were nervous, but I was just as nervous. And that’s the part of being a teacher that always surprises me. I get nervous way more often than I ever thought I would or think I should. Does every teacher experience this?

In other news, people are noticing Linden 2.0! I have been told several times now that I am organized and on top of things! I think it is actually starting to be more of a habit. Plus, it totally plays into my OCD tendencies for order and stuff. :)

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2 thoughts on “Interview and a Headache

  1. Linden

    06 Dec on 2007 at 9:41

    LOL!! :)

  2. Deanna

    05 Dec on 2007 at 23:06

    Yay for being organized and not pregnant!