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Linden 2.0: Now Out of Beta!

We started testing Linden 2.0 in May 2007, made some major alterations to the code and server locations in late September, and we would now like to announce that Linden 2.0 is finally out of beta!

Many thanks to all users who downloaded the Linden 2.0 beta. We were able to fix all bugs and add user-suggested features to the stable release 2.0. Bugs fixed include basic level disorganization, tardiness and excessive Cheez-its consumption. New features such as the the organization tool, punctuality, and jogging meter, have been added to the final version of Linden 2.0.

Linden 2.0 is much more efficient than Linden 1.0 due to improved organizational algorithms and dedicated server space. The plugin interface and skinning option of 2.0 is far superior to that of the 1.0 release and gives users the option to fully customize Linden 2.0 to their needs. Linden 2.0 can now organize several calendars in one interface, stay focused on one task for several hours, and draws less server load even while managing several large projects at a time (Linden 1.0’s algorithms allowed for only one major project at a time), which means that users will see more getting done in less time.

We will continue making improvements on this software so that it can become hardware, so stay tuned for Linden 2.3, which we hope to release sometime next year.

Read additional release notes here: Updates (http://xgravity23.blogspot.com/2007/12/update-re-linden-20-now-out-of-beta.html)

4 thoughts on “Linden 2.0: Now Out of Beta!

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  3. Beth

    03 Jan on 2008 at 8:26

    But I’m scared of technology….I *liked* using Linden 1.0! It was a user-friendly program and had an enormous Help Menu selection as well as an adorable homepage :)

  4. Sarah Jo

    19 Dec on 2007 at 12:29

    I can’t wait to download Linden 2.0! Will the software be available State-side this year?

    I’m so proud of you!