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I haven’t written here in over a week, and it is sorely needed. But as I am conducting 18 interviews over the next week for the Language Centre, I probably won’t have much time in the next week either. So I am going to take about five minutes and give a quick update.

I have been pretty busy with Language Centre responsibilities in the past week, plus all the little things that keep popping up. We found out yesterday that we need to have course descriptions in to the departmental secretary today. (I had completely forgotten until my fingers started typing that. Great.)

As I said, I will be spending 90 minutes a day for the next six business days interviewing potential Language Centre tutors, while also needing to find time to prepare for the courses I’m teaching and spend with my husband.

We spent most of this past weekend buying what few Christmas presents we can afford to send back to the States (darn the strong Euro!), wrapping them, and packing them in shipping boxes.

I did some PhD reading on Sunday too. Not as much as I usually do, but that’s okay. It’s better to do some than none.

Wow. That is really all I have been doing. If I haven’t responded to your email yet, give me a few more days, or send me another one anyway. :)

Okay, back to creating a worksheet on defining and exemplifying.

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