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UPDATE Re: “Linden 2.0: Now Out of Beta”

Additional notes for this release, announced yesterday:

After receiving countless emails regarding availability of this release in America, I find it necessary to address the question publically.

While the product is available in both English and German, due to copyright problems, the product was pulled from the American market in late September. American users should continue to check this blog for news of future releases in America. Our goal is to publish an American version in 2008 or 2009. Alpha and beta invitation-only versions will be released between now and then for testing. If you are interested in testing the invitation-only release, please email admin.

Attention! Mueller Inc. urges you to not purchase, download, or otherwise obtain pseudo-American versions of Linden 2.0. These versions are not authorized copies of the current release and could potentially contain have major bugs and viruses that could damage your system. If you are interested in using a current version of Linden 2.0 in America, send donations, bribes, and coercive materials (AKA Cheez-its, uni-balls, Post-it notes, and Hooter’s wings–Three Mile Island flavor, please–to the following address: [removed by admin–email for address]).

Contacting the publishing team of Rob 7.6 should also be avoided. That team is currently developing Rob 8.0 CS Pro, Platinum Edition. Any users found to be ignoring the above warning will be deleted from the system immediately and banned from all future use of Mueller Inc. products.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE Re: “Linden 2.0: Now Out of Beta”

  1. Safari Bob

    20 Dec on 2007 at 10:25

    I see that you have been sampling the local hooch again…

  2. Sarah Jo

    19 Dec on 2007 at 15:39

    And does platinum mean he’s gone gray?

  3. Sarah Jo

    19 Dec on 2007 at 15:38

    Rob 8.0 CS Pro Platinum Edition? I hope he cooks and cleans, too.