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2008 New Year’s Resolutions

I love the new year. I love all of the symbolism that comes with seeing “January 01” on the calendar.

I made a lot of changes to my life in 2007: Around April, I discovered LifeOrganizers.com and it kick-started my organizational drive. Unlike my previous attempts at becoming organized, this one actually stuck. Moving to Germany for a new job, getting a new office (changing my environment), and realizing the opportunity I had to actually BE a new person all helped me to continue making positive changes to my life. (See below for links to blogs I’ve posted about the changes in my life over the past year.)

In 2008, I want to make these changes deeper and further reaching. So I did some research on setting and achieving goals, use external reminders, and why change fails, which I am integrating into my resolutions.

My 2008 Resolutions

One of the things I read is that your resolutions should be in the present tense, and this still sounds a little weird to me, but I like it. Also, part of achieving your goals is frequently rewriting them (DLM and PB), and already as I have rewritten them a few times since the beginning of the year, I have changed a few of them!

In no specific order…

  • I am a runner.
    • I run 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. UPDATE: I run 3 times a week: one 30-minute run, two 30- to 60-minute runs, and one 60- to 120-minute run.
    • One the weekends, I run 5 to 10 miles (incorporated into above update).
    • If I don’t run, I walk for at least 60 minutes.
  • I am organized at work.
    • I save and file everything necessary.
    • I back up my files regularly.
    • I use lists and tools to organize my ToDos (ClockingIT, IWantSandy, tasktoy, gCalendar).
    • I clean off my desk before leaving, and I put things away in the right place.
  • I am organized at home.
    • I do at least one small task (>= 15 to 30 minutes) before crashing on the couch.
    • I clean off the side table before leaving the living room.
    • I clean off my side of the desk before leaving the living room.
  • I no longer need sleeping pills to shut down my mind at night.
    • I get regular exercise.
    • I have a regular bedtime.
    • I control my thoughts.
  • I do not let myself get distracted during scheduled work time.
  • I want for everyone what I want for myself.
  • I spend two hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday working on my PhD project.
  • I am content with what I have.

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7 thoughts on “2008 New Year’s Resolutions

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  4. Linden

    17 Jan on 2008 at 9:39

    For me, wanting for everyone what I want for myself is about staying humble and not thinking that I deserve anything special because it’s for me. It is also related to the next resolution, “I am content with what I have.”

    I’m loving the 60 minute runs here! It’s great! I’m sorry you can’t enjoy them there, especially since you have perfect running weather!

  5. Beth

    17 Jan on 2008 at 8:38

    I’m proud of you and your RESEARCH on your resolutions (WOW!) as well!!

    Question…what is this goal? I don’t get it?

    “I want for everyone what I want for myself.”

    Good luck, and keep us all informed about how your goals are going :) 60 minute runs..yikes! That’s impossible here in the land of beauty b/c sadly it’s also the land of crime :(

  6. Linden

    14 Jan on 2008 at 16:36

    You inspire me too! Are you going to post some resolutions too??

    What are you watching on the boob tube? I hear they’ve been showing reruns of American Gladiator! Makes me LOL just to think about it!

  7. Sarah Jo

    14 Jan on 2008 at 11:01

    Awesome post! Can I just say one more time how proud I am of you?

    You’ve inspired me to reconsider my list of goals/tasks for the year. Now that grad school is over, I have a lot of free time, and I’ve been spending too much of it in front of the boob tube…