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Weight Milestone #1

I cannot believe it, but I have hit a weight milestone that I have been working towards for quite a long time.

This morning when I weighed myself, I saw a number on the scale that I haven’t seen since the end of my freshman year at SMSU. This makes my BMI right at 25%, which is the borderline between “normal weight” and “overweight”!

My next goal is to lose another 20 pounds, at which time I will weigh what I did when I graduated high school. I want to fit into size 10 or even 8 pants, but since Euro sizes are different, we’ll have to wait to see if I meet those goals until I take a trip to America (maybe in 2008??) and can try on real size 10s. (Euro pants say their American counterpart size, but I just don’t believe them. :) )

2 thoughts on “Weight Milestone #1

  1. Дж. Хьюз

    23 Jan on 2008 at 13:35

    Kudos! I have been piling on the miles meself (150+ this month by my calculations) and am now in sight of my first target weight – what I weighed when I first started working out in 1998. Balph says thanks for your comments about Drupal.

  2. Beth

    22 Jan on 2008 at 17:22


    You are beautiful no matter what, but I am proud of you! Looking and feeling healthy does a lot for your self’confidence and overall happiness I´m sure!

    Love you!

    PS post some pics, girl! If you´ve lost it, flaunt it!