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5 MORE Reasons to Appreciate Winter

I love winter. I am weird, and I know that. I always have to remind myself that probably 80% (or more!) of Americans love spring and summer more than winter, but when I came across this blog today, I remembered that some people downright dread the coldest months on the calendar. I get the feeling that the guest writer on The Positivity Blog is not a true lover of winter (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), so I would like to add to her reasons to appreciate winter.

  1. Food. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy all those delicious warm food dishes that just don’t feel right in June. What tastes better on a cold January day than a warm bowl of chili with fritos and grated cheddar on top? Or what about a rich mug of steaming hot cocoa and mashmallows on a chilly December day? You can’t enjoy those treats when you’re on the beach, so take advantage of them during winter!
  2. Friends. The winter months are filled with many holidays that encourage us to rekindle friendships and visit our dear families. After all, what would Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or St. Patrick’s Day be like if you were all alone?
  3. Inside time. You like to garden? Work on cars? Exercise outside? While all those hobbies are nice, they take away from your opportunity to spend some quality Me Time. I find that’s it harder to sit in front of the computer and work or organize my files when it’s beautiful outside. Take advantage of the not-enticing weather and get stuff done. Instead of spending two hours getting your hands in the earth, spend two hours cleaning out that scary “catch-all” drawer you’ve been hiding from all year.
  4. Warmth. Why do you like summer? Because it’s warm? That’s kinda why I like winter. I enjoy bundling up in my nice warm coat, getting all snug inside my scarf and mittens. And who doesn’t love cuddling up in front of your fireplace with your honey? Can’t do that in summer!
  5. Beauty. Spring and fall are, in my opinion, very beautiful seasons as well, what with the budding trees and the fall colors. But winter has its own beauty too, especially when the snow falls. Gajewski mentions playing in the snow, but I suggest appreciating its beauty. Find your inner child and be curious about it. Watch falling snow as it melts on the hood of your car–can you see the little snow crystals and their unique beauty? I always play a game with myself to find the first brave flowers that peek out of the ground in the winter months. On my way to the university they other day, I spotted what looked like white crocuses poking their heads out of the snow. I took a picture the other day of a very interestingly tree, whose odd shape would be obscured by leaves in the warm time of the year. In other words, open your eyes and look for beauty in this time of the year. It’s there.

Any other winter lovers out there? What do you like about the winter months?

2 thoughts on “5 MORE Reasons to Appreciate Winter

  1. ww

    18 Feb on 2008 at 2:24

    Actually, fall is my favorite…

  2. Sarah Jo

    15 Feb on 2008 at 14:34

    I like winter, too! After all, in winter you can put on layer after layer of clothing to get warm, but in summer, you can be naked as a jay bird and still be hot!