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Blog Changes: Open Comments

I had previously limited comments to those with Google accounts because I hate getting spam comments. But this limits the people who can comment on my posts, not that that is a bad thing… I don’t want those five of you who regularly engage me in conversation by commenting to stop commenting, so don’t think I don’t like your comments. I just want to let more people join the convo. So now, I have changed the settings so that everyone can leave comments, Google account or not!

I will still be using a captcha, though, to discourage spam comments, but now you can leave anonymous comments if you wish. I would like to know which of my friends I’m talking to, so please feel free to write your name at the end of your comment or maybe just your initials. Thanks. :)

Let the comments begin!

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2 thoughts on “Blog Changes: Open Comments

  1. Linden

    22 Feb on 2008 at 7:25

    @eefy: You’re so funny, Eefy! :) I’m glad you’re going to join the conversation now. I’m sure you’ll have some interesting insights to add.

  2. Eefy

    21 Feb on 2008 at 14:00

    Thank Dog! Yongy and me don’t know Daddy’s password because we’re doggies. But now we can tell you he starves us and beats us and never takes us for walks. Well, not really, but a girl’s got to try!