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Blog Changes: Subscribe via Email

Okay, here’s a quiz. Let’s start of with an easy one. Who knows what a “feed reader” is? A few of you out there… Okay, now who uses one? A few less; okay, that’s fair. Raise your eHand if you know what “RSS” stands for? Two hands? Hmm. I’m not surprised.

It’s okay–the goal on this quiz is to not know the answers (why didn’t more teachers offer quizzes like that?!). If you couldn’t answer any of the above questions, but want to conveniently read Linden’s Pensieve, then this post is for you!

Look over there —-> to my right-hand column. See it there, right under my picture? It says, “Subscribe to Linden’s blog.” You might have to scroll just a little bit, but just above the green Technorati button is a link that allows you to subscribe to my blog via email. That means that every day I post something new, you’ll get the post delivered right to your inbox. Now you can read my blogs without visiting the site and without dealing with one of those feed reader dohickies.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Changes: Subscribe via Email

  1. Linden

    02 Mar on 2008 at 8:17

    @sarah jo: It’s true… I have started a post about it, and I’ll post it today or tomorrow. Oooh suspense…. :)

    @Дж. Хьюз: Part of Linden 2.0 has been getting my inbox under control. I’m trying to follow a variation of Inbox Zero, and so far (I’ve only “been on it” for about two weeks), I like it. We’ll see how it goes once the semester starts back up again, though!

  2. Дж. Хьюз

    01 Mar on 2008 at 14:15

    My email is where innocent electrons go to die.

  3. Sarah Jo

    28 Feb on 2008 at 17:08

    I see you added Google Ads to your blog….thoughts thus far? Should I click on one so you can make a dollar?