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Blog Review: Indexed

I am not sure which particular post it was, but someone who knows me very well emailed me a link to one of the posts on Indexed (http://indexed.blogspot.com/) And I loved it.

Jessica Hagy posts images of clever charts which reveal poignant, smarmy, and often outright true observations of life. All of the images are written on an index card (thus the title). It isn’t a complicated blog; it is simply entertaining.

Hagy will even be publishing a book soon (on February 28), which just goes to show the freedom of the Internet. If you write something good online, you have more chance of being recognized for it than you did during the pre-Internet time!

I added it to my gReader. And one day, while grading, I was hit by an Indexed of my own:

Any of you other (writing) teachers agree?

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