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Cool Technology: Meebo

How many of your friends use MSN Messenger? What about Yahoo! Messenger? AOL IM? ICQ? Am I missing any of the many instant messaging service? Ugh! Now who wants to download all of those programs? Not me. I don’t want my RAM being dominated by a bunch of chat programs, plus there are too many passwords to remember. So I stuck with Google Talk, which, incidentally, is something I can use once I’ve logged into Gmail (it’s built into the Gmail interface). Then, one day, I found Meebo. And my messaging life changed.

Now, once I’ve entered and saved all my various messenger logins, I simply point my browser to Meebo.com, enter my Meebo account info, and *click* I’m logged into MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, and gTalk with one window, and without downloading any programs. Very easy.

Besides not having to download anything, which is a huge benefit if you frequently use public computers, one benefit of Meebo is that your contacts and the ability to chat with all your contacts travels with you wherever you go. At Grandma’s for the weekend? Meebo’s there. Visiting home from college? Meebo’s there. In the computer lab? Meebo’s there. At work? Yep, you guessed it! Meebo’s there.

So, for the wrap up, Meebo allows you to view all of your chat contacts across all the major chat platforms with only one password, from any computer connected to teh Internets. A great mashup for those who (might be far away from their loved ones and) need to stay connected.

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