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Germany Farty Funniness

I first came in contact with Johnny Virgil’s 15 Minute Lunch blog because Beth forwarded me his now-famous 1977 JCPenny’s Catalog post. Being the feed-reading maniac that I am, I subscribed to his blog because it makes me laugh (and we all know much much Linden loves reading funny blog posts!). Today, this little gem popped up on my gReader.

Excerpt from “I hate what used to be German food” post:

I leaned over and said, “You’re in my seat.” He looked at me, and said something in what I think was German. I pointed at the chair and said, “I just had to use the men’s room. I was sitting there.” He finally understood what I was getting at, and stood up to go somewhere else. I picked my notebook and glasses from the floor, and sat down. This was unfortunate. I have no way of confirming this, but I believe what he initially said to me in German was “Trust me. You don’t want your chair back right now.”

Why? Because German dude left me a present. The second my ass hit the seat, I was instantly surrounded by a very foul, very fresh German fart that had been, until very recently, buried deeply in the chair. It was horrible. I stood up so fast you would have thought there was a hot coal under my ass. I think I actually would have preferred that, now that I mentioned it.

Germans, imagining what the German language could have meant, and farts: what more could you ask for in a humorous blog post?! Thanks again, Johnny Virgil, for another rip-roaring (pardon the pun!) good post.

Hmm, I guess turned into blog review. I assure you, that was not my original intention. I just wanted to share the Germany farty funniness with you.

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