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England Day 2: London

Day 2 was the day of walking. London has a great subway system, no doubt about it. But if you want to see the city, taking the Tube doesn’t let you see more than walls and halls that all look the same. So we set out from our hotel, backpacks in tow, by foot. We had a few snacks with us, but we found a TescoExpress on our way to Westminster Cathedral and bought sandwiches, bananas, crackers, and Prawn Cocktail crisps.

Westminster Cathedral (Roman Catholic) is beautiful! From the outside, it is different from other stereotypical Gothic cathedrals because, well, it isn’t a Gothic cathedral. It is built with red brick and white stone, which makes remarkable stripes.

The inside is just as striking. Also unlike most cathedrals, the ceiling is not decorated; It’s painted black. And it reminds me of Hogwarts: When you are looking at the alter, it feels like there is no ceiling, just the dark sky above you. Very cool.

We headed up Victoria Street, found a bench, and ate our brunch. Then, we headed to Westminster Abbey (Church of England) and Big Ben. Next, we began our trek down the Thames. We crossed Blackfriars Bridge, hit Tate Modern, and then walked through a less touristy part of town, towards Tower Bridge. We took a lot of great pictures of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the modern London City Hall building, and my favorite building, the Gherkin. Then we rested our feet for a while at the Tower of London and watched the people pass.

Next, we headed to Baker Street to see where Sherlock Holmes lived. And we had our picture taken in partial Sherlock Holmes regalia. Very fun! Then we were off to Abbey Road to see that famous crosswalk and the studio where so many Beatles albums were recorded. We decided not to stop traffic to make our own reproduction, but we sure enjoyed watching other people do it. :)

We were getting a little hungry at this point, so decided to head back to King’s Cross to our favorite little fish and chips place, Eddie’s Fish Bar, and this time we remembered to take pictures.

By this time, we needed to head to Victoria Coach Station, where we would catch our 5-hour bus ride to Liverpool. Once we arrived in Liverpool, we asked 6 girls done up for going out how to get to the “city centre,” checked into our hotel, and passed out, tired and happy, and dreamt about Anfield.


Even though it was recently voted the dirtiest city in London, and even though 1 out of every 10 injured Londoners hurt themselves while using a “mobile” (as cell phones are called in Britain), we really liked London. We noticed street cleaning crews working around the clock. Compared to Germany, though, there was not a trash can on every corner. It did seem a little posh to us, and I felt a little out of place among the trendy name brandy, high fashion clothes everyone was wearing, especially since our wardrobe for the trip consisted of “comfy travel clothes.”

But we liked the face pace, the very easy-to-use Underground system, and we liked, again unlike in Germany, that no pedestrians waited for the signal to cross the street. In Germany, if you have your driver’s license and get caught crossing on a red crosswalk signal, whether you are on foot or riding a bike, you can get a ticket.

However… we much prefer Liverpool to London, so stayed tuned over the next few days to find out why!

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5 thoughts on “England Day 2: London

  1. Linden

    14 Mar on 2008 at 7:40

    @ww: I love it!

    @beth: We wish you were there, too! We didn’t actually take that pictures of Abbey Road, just that street sign. I have some from when we were there, so I didn’t take new ones–looks just the same. :)

    It’s true–I am waiting until the weather is nicer, but I have been planning on taking pictures of the funny talking trash cans they have every 50 meters or so on our street. I’ll post a blog about it, I’m sure. :)

    James is wrong. It’s hilarious. :D

  2. Beth

    12 Mar on 2008 at 23:02

    comments abound on your picasa site. I’m commenting on our comments on your comment page. James thinks it’s silly but we don’t, do we Linden?! :)

  3. Beth

    12 Mar on 2008 at 22:34

    Oh, and we also have to comment about how funny it is that you have somehow come to expect trashcans on every corner oh, and people actually following the law…..ha ha ha ha ha. Jealousy abounds.

  4. Beth

    12 Mar on 2008 at 22:32

    We just read the blog and we wish we were there, too! It sounds like you had a great time! I can relate to feeling undressed in one of the most fashionable cities every…how did you not post pictures of Abbey Road?! We want to see it! We also love the Sherlock Holmes pic…please send the full-sized one via email.

    We also find it confusing why London was voted the “dirtiest city in London” but we also completely understand. :)

    Love you! Glad you are both back safely!