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England Day 3: Liverpool FC Game!

Day 3 was quite possibly the most exciting day. On March 8, we went to a Liverpool FC game. I’ve promised it once already, but Rob is working on his “Road to Anfield” story, but I’m going to give my impression of game day too.

We headed out from the hotel, but wanted to find a good map of Liverpool. With only a little trouble, we found o8 Place, really the only touristy shop we encountered. With a map book in hand, we headed out on the literal Road to Anfield. It was a bit windy, but not too cold. After about 10 minutes, we realized that we were following a man in a black coat with “Carlsburg” emblazoned on the back who was wearing a red sock top. (Carlsburg, a beer company, sponsors LFC.) Figuring that it was very likely that he too was heading towards Anfield Road, and also hoping that he knew exactly where he was going, we decided to follow him. As we neared that famous stadium, we joined more and more people wearing the red, white, and gold of LFC.

We picked up our tickets, then got in line for the fan shop. We each picked out a scarf (I chose the red and gold partially because it will also double as a Gryffindor scarf, but don’t tell Rob! :) ) and Rob also found a hat that he liked. We took a couple pictures and a panorama, then went to find our seats.

Our seats were in section MX, right next to all the Newcastle fans. After locating our spot, we headed to the concessions stand, downed a couple Carlsburgs, bought some food, and went back to our seats to watch the players warm up.

Right before the game started, the players from both teams lined up on the field, and LFC fans broke into the LFC anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Hearing 40,000-some-odd fans sing it in person? Wow. Goosebumps, seriously.

The game was really good. The first half ended right after Torres scored their second goal, and somehow, I happened to take a picture right as the ball crossed the goal line! A mere 6 minutes after the second half started, the combined force of Torres and Gerrard once scored the third and final goal of the game, with Gerrard making an excellent shot through the defender and past the keeper.

As I mentioned earlier, we weren’t too excited at first to be sitting right next to the Newcastle section, the green sections in this image. However, after about 15 minutes, we realized it was going to be fun. They were taunting us, so we taunted right back. They would sing things like “Shall we sing a song for you?” because we weren’t cheering enough. So we yelled back “Shall we score a goal for you?” This particular chant just got better and better as we scored once, twice, three times! We sang the Stevie G song to the tune of “Let It Be,” another song dedicated to number 8 to the tune of “Que Sera Sera,” and “When the Reds Go Marching In” to the tune of–you guessed it–“When the Saints Go Marching In.”

When the game was over, the fans poured into the streets. I couldn’t believe it–thousands of fans on the streets, completely blocking traffic for two blocks.

That night, we ate at Sultan’s Palace, an Indian restaurant we had scoped out on the Internet before the trip. We wanted cheap but yummy, so their early bird menu attracted us, plus the restaurant was an easy 2-minute walk from our hotel. The food was served quickly, the servers very friendly, and the portions more than enough. The atmosphere was mostly nice, except for the feeling we got that they had just experienced some flooding or renovation. There were some large fans and dehydrator machines at the foot of the stairs in the lobby area (it occupies the basement of the building it is in). Other than that, we were pleased with Sultan’s Palace, so we bought another portion of naan bread to snack on later, and we recommend it if you are ever in Liverpool.

We stopped by the hotel to drop off our heavy coats and purchases from the day, then headed back out on the town. We started off on Victoria Street and just took a few turns as we felt like it. Somehow we stumbled on the famous Cavern Club, but decided to pass it up, since we knew it was the last stop on the Magical Mystery Tour that we would go on the next day. On Matthew Street, we saw what looked like a homeless man playing a cardboard guitar with an ad on the front. Better than begging, huh?

We headed towards the docks and found them quite uninteresting at night, so we turned around and headed back towards town, but not without snapping a few pictures of the famous Royal Liver Building‘s sea-facing clock tower. Finding a little Sainsbury’s Local, we stopped in, bought some biscuits (translation: cookies) and some drinks and headed back out into the night.

We finally picked a pub to try, the Lisbon, based on its classic pub looks. We wanted to try some new brews, so even though they had Smirnoff Ice and Budweiser, we both tried something new. Rob had Kronenbourg 1664 Extra Cold (very delicious!) and I tried Worthington’s Creamflow. I really liked the Extra Cold, and my Creamflow was very, uh, creamy. :)

After finishing our beers, we weren’t quite ready to call it a night, so we walked around some more, finally ending up on Matthew Street again. Rob picked the Rubber Soul Oyster Bar, and although it had a distinctly washed-out feel, it was a nice place to enjoy the Guinness Extra Cold we decided to share.

That was it for us. We headed back to the hotel and watched some late night music shows. Rob found a couple new bands he wanted to check out when we got home (Adele and Scouting for Girls), and we called it a night, pleased with the Reds’ domination over Newcastle and looking forward to learning lots of Beatles history.

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One thought on “England Day 3: Liverpool FC Game!

  1. Beverly

    24 Mar on 2008 at 21:27

    Thanks for writing in your own “voice,” Rob! Regarding Linden’s occupation as a beer’n’brat critic, I remember when we took our family vacation in’97 we got tired of eating brats and brochen three or four days in a row, starting in Austria. I guess if you are a regional sampler, it might be more interesting.

    I had a Boulevard beer Saturday night at Jim Bobs when Jim & Linda came for a visit. Boulevard as in Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City. I liked it. It was mild, but had the most crisp sparkle of any beer I’ve tasted. The football game sounded like an experience quite unlike any other!
    L, Mom