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Sarah Writes About Feedburner

If you followed my How-To Google Analytics series of posts from a couple weeks ago, I have another treat in store for you. My dear friend, Sarah Awesome, whose blog I link to all the time, will be writing a series of five posts about Feedburner, another great (and free!) service that, as she puts it, is “a sort of Pimp My Ride for RSS Feeds.” The first post helps you “setupize” and “familiarize” yourself with Feedburner, so read it right now!

Because this is a series that I myself am very interested in, I will be linking to Sarah’s posts every day as she posts them, so stay tuned here for daily updates, or subscribe to Sarah’s blog, A Fool of Myself (or via email), to get these and all the rest of Sarah’s great posts delivered right to your own feed reader or inbox.

P.S. Yes, we had a great time in England, and yes, I will be uploading pictures tonight, along with a blog about our trip!

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