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Hawaii Mountains Silhouetted by the Moon

Man, is this beautiful. Because the atmosphere is a bit thinner at 13,500 feet, space shines through more clearly. Maybe this is something that Rocky Mountain-dwellers are used to, but the Ozark “Mountains” I grew up in never afforded an image like this. Silhouetted mountains; a bright Moon and sparkling Venus; and clouds, lit up by the moonlight, make for a breath-taking image, even when viewed on a computer screen. I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been in person.

(Frayed Laces, maybe you can tell us!)

3 thoughts on “Hawaii Mountains Silhouetted by the Moon

  1. Linden

    01 May on 2008 at 9:50

    @lifestudent I wouldn’t hesitate to go star gazing on Mauna Kea–I love space! :)

    @beth: I don’t think it is. They might have used some big fancy camera or a telescope, but the description below doesn’t indicate that it’s “an artist’s rendition” or anything.

  2. Beth

    01 May on 2008 at 9:44

    That looks fake! i miss you :)

  3. lifestudent

    29 Apr on 2008 at 21:28

    We were recently on the Big Island and you could go “star gazing” on the summit of Mauna Kea. If you do it, you actually need to wear a parka (they give them to you) and there is snow at the top of the mountain. We couldnt fit it in (its a fairly long trip) but promised we would do it next time. This pic makes me regret that we didnt do it last time ;)