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May Day is a Big Day This Year


Okay, I’m with you… I can’t wait until May 1 either! Not only because it is a school holiday in Germany (WAHOO!), but also because it’s the first every RSS Day!

Here’s a preview of some of my favorite reasons for clicking on those little orange buttons so often.

  • There are many feed readers out there, buy my preferred reader, Google Reader, makes it easy to email an article to a friend I think will enjoy it!
  • It’s easy to create a page of the articles I’ve shared, without clogging up inboxes.
  • I like the focused approach to broadening my horizons that RSS offers. I don’t have to aimless browse the web or spend time looking for articles I want to read: they’re delivered right to my feed reader every day.

And, if you haven’t watched this video one of the other thousand times I’ve mentioned it, you should check out Common Craft’s “RSS in Plain English.” It does what all of Common Craft’s videos does: Explain a really cool web technology in clear, simple terms, and highlights why you should give it a try. Hey, it ain’t called “Really Simple Syndication” for nuthin!

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