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My Running History P.S. Fitness Test

I forgot a second announcement I meant to post alongside my “I’m running the Berlin Marathon” announcement. So here’s a little post script on yesterday’s post.

Remember those Fitness Tests I and so many others failed in high school? I’ve decided that I do not want have that failure hanging over me anymore. (Not that it is something that has been bothering me since 11th grade or anything…)

I’m more physically fit than I was then by a long shot, so I think I can rank at least in the “Good” category. But I’m going to shoot for hitting “Excellent” in the 12-minute fitness test and the sit-and-reach test. That means that, according to this Washington Post page, here’s what I’ll need to hit.

12-minute fitness test: 1.45 miles (Excellent)
Sit-and-reach flexibility test: 22.5 inches (Excellent)
1-minute sit-ups: 38 (Good)
Modified push-ups: 30 (Good)

I have already started doing push-ups, sit-ups, and regular stretching, but I am going to test myself on the first day of marathon training, May 26, and 8 weeks in, on August 4. I want to see where I rank at the beginning of training, and then see how much I progress.

So, you know my next question… Who’s in? Anyone else out there want to overcome those demons from high school? Or just up for another fitness challenge, like the 8-week, 100-mile challenge? Let me know if you’re in by leaving a comment!

2 thoughts on “My Running History P.S. Fitness Test

  1. Linden

    11 Apr on 2008 at 10:13

    @charity: Awesome! You’re the first person to take me up on my offer!

  2. Charity Hootman

    11 Apr on 2008 at 8:30

    Count me in for your Fitness Test challenge! I have been intending on giving myself a modified PT test anyway. My full acceptance is on my blog.