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Doodle 4 Google

It is no surprise to readers of this blog that I love all things Google, so I really enjoyed reading about Google’s Doodle 4 Google competition on Lifestudent’s A Marathon Leap today. Take a few minutes to look at the creative entries, and be sure to read each artist’s brief written response to Google’s prompt, “What if…”, before voting.

2 thoughts on “Doodle 4 Google

  1. Linden

    15 May on 2008 at 18:32

    @lifestudent (aka Soon-to-be Mommy!):I agree! I was also surprised by the quality of the K-3rd group… there were some entries who obviously had help from Mommy and Daddy.

    I think I voted once in each category! Or maybe I just voted over my previous vote. Yikes. Maybe I should have read more, too…

  2. lifestudent

    15 May on 2008 at 18:02

    I totally voted – but was suprised by the similarity in some of the logo’s in each age range. I dont know how it works – but if there was a sign-language one in one group…but the next age group has more experience and perhaps can draw better and has a similar logo … who wins? I didnt read a whole lot on the voting, but I would love to see it go to a submission from the younger kiddies ;)