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Pre-marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 3 Weeks Left

I am planning on blogging about each week of my marathon training, and to get in the habit, I’m starting with three weeks left in my pre-marathon training. Just for future reference, my running weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday.

Monday, 12 May 2008

route: All the way to the end of Stadtwald Giessen and back
feeling*: :|
time: 53’22”
estimated** distance: 4.2 miles
additional notes: Really hard time breathing on the uphill part. Dehydrated later in the evening.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

route: All the way to the end of Stadtwald Giessen and back, with a loop at Abt. 36/37
feeling*: :)
time: 64’02”
estimated distance: 4.8 to 5 miles
additional notes: Still having breathing trouble. I need to make an appointment to see my doctor and get an inhaler. Gotta love allergy season athletically induced asthma. I drank 2L of water before running, 0.5L within 10 minutes of finishing, and another 0.5L during dinner (pasta!). A little under-arm and thigh chafing; Time to break out the BodyGlide.

We were supposed to bike around the Stadtwald Giessen yesterday to fill in our map of the place and then a 10k round trip to Lützelinden today, which was going to fill out my week, cross-trainingwise, but we ended up having to take my bike to the shop. I managed to break yet another bike. Won’t have it back until Tuesday. So this weeks time, distance, and total sweating time is sadly disappointing.

Total Weekly Time: 117’24”
Total Estimated Weekly Distance: 9 miles

*feeling: Sarah told me during our first running season that about a method she read about to keep track of how your runs feel. If you track three frowny faces (sorry, Despair, Inc.) in a row, you need to take a couple days off to recoup.
**estimated distance: Until we get a Garmin (not looking too hot on that front) or distance measuring device for our bikes, it will be hard to know exactly how far we are running in the Stadtwald Giessen, as it is very difficult to track on LogYourRun.

2 thoughts on “Pre-marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 3 Weeks Left

  1. Linden

    23 May on 2008 at 14:24

    @charity: We can’t get a Garmin because the more affordable ones don’t have very high sensitivity, so the tree cover will probably make it hard for the Garmin to keep in contact with the satellites. :P

    The Good News: We just bought a bike computer and measured the forest!

  2. Charity

    19 May on 2008 at 9:35

    You mentioned a Garmin or bike mounted device for measuring distance. I have a similar issue since where I live doesn’t exist on Google or Mapquest yet. I bought a $30 computer for my bicycle that is quite handy. I also plan on picking up a similarly priced pedometer, but since I bike more than walk/run it will wait. I got a CatEye – http://www.performancebike.com has options but I don’t know about international shipping. The computer also shows the time, times the routes, tracks two distances, odometer, average speed, top speed – etc.