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Berlin Marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 16 Weeks Out

This week started off good, with two runs at 10″00 per mile and 10″42 per mile. But it ended with two hard runs with over 12″00 per mile and one very upset tummy afterwards. I hope I can get this figured out before the long runs get even longer.

Runners, I have another question for your at the end of this post. Let me know what you think.

Monday, June 2, 2008

run type: training run
route: started at home, out to beginning of Stadtwald Giessen and back
feeling: :)
time: 30’06”
distance: 3 miles
pace per mile: 10’00”
additional notes: Nice! I didn’t feel too hot, and I was sure that I was going to be hitting 12 minute miles. Again (I know I just said this a few weeks ago), It doesn’t get any easier, you just get faster. More proof.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

run type: pace run
route: started from home, out to 1/2-mile mark in Stadtwald Giessen and back
feeling: :)
time: 43’00”
distance: 4 miles
pace per mile: 10’42”
additional notes: Another great run. I was scheduled for 5 miles, but time constraints made me do 4.

Saturday, 7 June, 2008

run type: Long training run
route: out to 2-mile marker, back to 48-37 [4], Schiffenberg-Bridge loop, up Main to 48-37 [4], out and back to Other Forest, down Main to 1/2-mile marker, left to end, right, next right, end at Main.
feeling: :(
time: 1’54″00
distance: 9 miles
pace per mile: 12’42”
additional notes: What is my problem? First it was the hill between miles 1 and 2. Then it was the heat between miles 3 and 4. Then my right ankle, knee, and hip. I walked almost 3 minutes. I am trying to figure this out, because the last two long runs were not good. After I was done running, my digestive track started. Not fun. I even felt like throwing up.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

run type: training run
route: started at home, out to the 1-mile marker in Stadtwald Giessen and back
feeling: :|
time: 1’01″00
distance: 5 miles
pace per mile: 12’12”
additional notes: Again, not a good run. More pain in my right-leg joints. I just felt not-good the whole time. Walked quite a bit, but never more than 2 minutes at a time. I even alternated between running 1 minute and walking 30 seconds towards the end. No running bowels today, but same nausea. What’s wrong with me?


Total Weekly Mileage: 21 miles
Total Minutes: 248 minutes
Overall Mileage: 21 miles
Overall Time: 4h8m

A Question for Runners

Do your hands swell up too? It seems like when I run anything over 5 miles, both of my hands swell up quite a bit. I just want to know if others experience this too. Know what causes it? I’m curious.

2 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 16 Weeks Out

  1. Linden

    09 Jun on 2008 at 8:08

    Thanks for the advice, Jack! I have been using a knock-off Camelbak to keep hydrated on these 8- and 9-mile runs (which will soon be getting longer!), but I guess I need to start filling it with a better beverage. Plus, as soon as the mileage gets over 10 miles, I plan on using carb shots, which do a good job replacing sodium. I’ll have to pay close attention to how that affects the swelling.

    Thanks for the comment! I have subscribed to your blog and I loved reading about the marathon through the Black Forest! Your pictures were beautiful!

  2. Jack

    09 Jun on 2008 at 1:22

    When I first started running 4-5 years ago my hands used to swell up a lot. The last couple years this only seems to happen with real long runs when I drink too much water (as opposed to an isotonic drink) and don’t eat enough salt.